Wages on Demand

- No loans. No interest. No hidden costs
- Real-time access to your earnings
- Free budget and planning tools
- Free in-app financial training

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The FloatPays financial wellbeing ecosystem

On demand access to your earnings
Employees gain real-time access to their earnings using our simple to use smartphone applications on iOS and Android or our USSD App on smart or feature phones.
Free financial training
Change your attitude towards money and grow your financial literacy through our easy to use training modules. Each module will take around 20 minutes to complete.
Free budget & planning tools
Use your new found financial literacy skills to manage your money better to save for the fun and important things in life.

Employees’ expenses don’t always align with pay cycles

Successful organisations know their most important asset is their people. However the effects of financial stress on the workforce is leading to a decrease in productivity and an increase in absenteeism.
Of employees said finances are a distraction at work
Spend three hours or more at work each week thinking / dealing with personal finance issues
Of employees admit that productivity at work has been impacted by financial worries
Of employees admit to missing work occasionally due to financial worries
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How we benefit your employees

Whether it’s due to financial emergencies, special occasions, or a great opportunity, sometimes employees need access to cash before payday.
Workplace satisfaction - avoid embarrassing loan advances
Faster savings and more interest over time
Reduced credit card spending
Help cover unexpected costs
Avoid payday loans
Help them budget

Our Financial
wellness program

Our goal is to take your employees from financial literacy to a place of measurable financial security. Our financial wellbeing training aims to create lasting change for your employees by altering their attitude towards money and growing their financial IQ in bite-sized chunks. We want to be the conduit that enables strategic and business imperatives for HR teams by providing a program that can have a meaningful impact in assisting to create a culture that supports financial independence as an employee benefit.
I will definitely use FloatPays again, it is such a convenience considering the fact that it's money that I have already worked for...
- Rebecca - Netcare Employee
Rebecca used FloatPays to access R750 instead of using an alternate source of credit funding, she was delighted because there was no interest or late repayment fee.

"I was happy with the service mainly because you can access it wherever you are and without having to send FICA documents."
How accessing R750 of Rebecca's earned wages using FloatPays compares to loan products:
Alternate Option 1
Alternate Option 2
Informal Sector
Initial Fee
Late Payment
No interest
Interest on late repayment
R50 + 5%  interest added to loan
30-50% per loan, late payment interest dependant on part payment
None, your employer already has all the information we need
SA ID, Bank account, employment, not under credit review or blacklisted
SA ID, Bank account, employment, not under credit review or blacklisted
Hold passport or ID document and bank cards as security
Withdrawal Size
Percentage of earnings
R500 - R4000
R500 - R4000
Depends on salary and history
Late Payment
No loans
7 Days
7 Days
7 Days
* Fees are calculated based on the amount you want to withdraw as well as the payment type