Responsible financial solutions for employees

Your employees stress about money and it's bad for business

We help your employees live financially healthy lives, reduce stress for your teams, improve happiness and productivity through the most comprehensive financial wellness platform in Africa.

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Responsible financial solutions for Employees

We provide employees early access to their earned wages and give them tools to help them not need it again. We integrate seamlessly with your payroll software and there is no cost to your business. With the lowest fees in the market coupled with financial literacy and budgeting tools, we're the responsible choice.

Painless Payroll Integration

Payslips reflect transactions. Behind the scenes automation through API magic is how we prefer to do things. “Bye-Bye” spreadsheets and trying to remember loan arrangements and tying HR software to payroll to accounting.

Employee access to already earned wages and payment solutions

The wages have been earned, the risk is gone. Debt become access. Angst becomes employees breathing easier. Watch Attendance grow as stress levels drop.

Financial Education

We believe in being part of the solution, not the problem. Employee wellness is what we have as a mission. This is how we make change a habit.

Fully Customised Control

Access to proper relevant and useful Dashboards.

Fully configurable employee rule sets - you decide. We ensure.

Flexibility and control. Role based Access Control to your Employer Portal on Floatpays, protecting employee data through security controls that you set with our recommendations.

Effective Reporting

Built in, not an afterthought. What is all of this worth without good flow of summary data and drill-downs?

We have the only truly holistic approach to employee financial wellbeing

Outcome Based

Employee budget and planning tools

Employee Flexibility

Access to EFT, Instant Money Voucher, Data, Airtime and GP vouchers

Financial Transformation

Financial literacy training built on an award winning training platform

Real World Solutions

Medical & Electricity vouchers

Platform Independent

Available on iOS, Android and USSD


Bank grade security

Floatpays is offered as a voluntary employee benefit by your business to your employees.
We aren’t a payment advance, we aren't a loan provider, we are a holistic ecosystem supporting wealth creation.

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Loved by our users

"It is comforting to know that if for some reason during the month you are in urgent need of cash that you have Floatpays as a back up, and the best of all it is money that you have already earned during the month and no percentage fees to worry about."

Bernice | Vetus Schola

“I used it to take my 5 months old baby to the Doctor when I didn't have the money and to buy that last battle weeks food."

Nadia | Administration

“I needed transport money to get to work"

Craig | Store Manager

“Needed to buy my 1 year old nappies and something to cook for supper"

Andrea | Financial Controller
An all-in-one solution to financial wellbeing
& inclusion for your employees


Paid on demand

Allow your employees to access their own money instead of taking out a high interest loan and paying unnecessary fees. With or without a bank account. Available on the Floatpays iOS, Android or USSD app.


Budget & Planning Tools

With our free budget & financial planning tool, we help employees to navigate the complexities of day-to-day money management, stay up to date with upcoming expenses and keep track of spending habits.


Financial Literacy Training

The more you know, the less you worry. Through our free in-app financial training we equip employees with the knowledge to make better money decisions.


Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers

Why offer early wage access to your employees?

Simply put, it makes life a little easier when employees have the option to access their own money. So if Alan in Accounting’s geyser breaks, or Sarah in Sales needs a new car battery, they don’t have to borrow money from a loan company and pay off a high interest loan.

How much money can an employee access?

Floatpays allows you to withdraw a percentage of the wages you have earned at the time of the withdrawal. That percentage is determined by the employer and can be managed along with various other rulesets from your employer dashboard.

How will you support my employees when they have questions?

Employees have a dedicated customer support service to help them when they need it, with a dedicated telephone number, email support and access to in-app help functions available. Our friendly support staff will assist with any questions.

How does early wage access work?

Floatpays securely integrates with your payroll in order to calculate your employees’ earned wages daily, based on hours or days worked. A percentage of these earned wages is made available to them, as determined by withdrawal rules that can be configured by the employer. On withdrawal, funds are sent to the employee using the payment method they selected through the iOS, Android or USSD solution. The total withdrawals for the month along with the service fees are deducted from the employees’ pay at the end of the month and the net wages are then paid as you would normally.

What is Financial Wellbeing?

Financial Wellbeing means having control over your day-to-day, month-to-month income and expenses with the capacity to absorb a financial shock or deal with a financial emergency. Being financially well means you have the financial freedom to make the choices that allow you to enjoy life.

What will this cost our company and our employees?

As an employer, there is zero cost involved. You can opt to pay the employee withdrawal service fees or a percentage thereof as an extra benefit. As an employee, your transaction fee will be based on the amount withdrawn, just like you would pay at an ATM when you withdraw money and the cost is similar to ATM charges.

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