Financial wellness as an employee benefit

Help your employees live financially healthy lives, reduce stress for your teams, improve happiness and productivity through the most comprehensive financial wellness platform in Africa.

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Floatpays offers an all-in-one solution to financial wellbeing & inclusion

Through early access to earned wages, our financial literacy training platform and budget and planning tools we empower your employees by putting them in control of their finances, help them plan for expenses and get bills paid on time.

Budget with ease

With our free budget & financial planning tool, we help employees to navigate the complexities of day-to-day money management, stay up to date with upcoming expenses and keep track of spending habits.

Financial Training

The more you know, the less you worry. Through our free in-app financial training we equip employees with the knowledge to make better money decisions.

Paid on Demand

Allow your employees to access their own money instead of taking out a high interest loan and paying unnecessary fees. With or without a bank account. Available on the Floatpays iOS, Android or USSD app.

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What makes Floatpays the best solution in the financial wellness space?
Many early wages access products are marketed as financial wellness solutions but most of them don't meet the criteria for financial wellbeing.

While some do help employees avoid fees and penalties associated with financial products and high interest loans, their impact ends there.

True financial wellbeing is achieved when multiple services are combined. When employees have an all-in-one solution to access earned income, able to plan for expenses and get bills paid on time, making great money decisions because they have acquired the skills to do so.

Floatpays is the most comprehensive financial wellness solution in Africa. We help your employees build long- term financial stability, feel secure in their financial future and make choices that allow enjoyment of life.
Getting started on Floatpays is as easy as 1, 2 …

For Employers

Set up in under 1 hour
Our rockstar success consultants guide you through a hassle free setup & onboarding process.
Seamless integration
We integrate directly with your payroll so that no changes to your existing systems are required. Floatpays is completely free for employers which means no impact to your cashflow.
Easily invite employees
Import & invite your employees with the touch of a button from your employer portal. That's it. It's that easy.
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For Employees

Sign up in less than a minute
Activate your Floatpays account using our smartphone or USSD solution.
Enjoy immediate access
You have instant access to all Floatpays financial wellbeing tools once registered and can immediately access earned income.
Complete training & craft your budget
Put yourself in control of your finances, keep track of spending and achieve your financial goals by learning the skills to effectively manage your money.
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Did you know?
of South Africans don't make it through the month with their pay.
Did you know?
of South Africans have a personal loan from a financial insitution. Up from 21% in 2019.
Did you know?
of South Africans only have enough money to last 1 month or less if they lost their jobs.
Did you know?
of South Africans feel highly stressed about their situation.
What we do to help
Floatpays provides employees with a responsible alternative to taking out a high interest loan by enabling them with real-time access to their earned wages for a small once off transaction fee. That's it. Just their hard earned money when they need it most.
I will definitely use Floatpays again, it is such a convenience considering the fact that it's money that I have already worked for.
Netcare Employee, Jan 2020
Empower your employees with the most comprehensive and fully developed financial wellbeing platform in Africa.
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