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Unlock the power of financial wellness at work

Enhance your employee value proposition with Floatpays. Help your staff build financial wellness through on-demand earned wage access, savings, financial education and practical tools to better manage their personal finances.

A financially well workforce
is good for business

Financially stressed employees lose more work time, are less engaged and less productive than those who are financially well. At no cost to you the employer, Floatpays can help your employees build their financial wellness, ensuring you attract, retain and engage the best people for your business.

Financial wellbeing, made easy

Employees are empowered to improve their financial position

Floatpays helps employees reduce their reliance on debt, start saving, and learn how to better manage their money, through:

- On-demand earned wage access. It's not a loan and not a salary advance - employees can access a portion of their earned-but-unpaid income at any point in the pay cycle.

- An interest bearing savings account that is linked to their paycheque. Employees' contributions are deducted directly from their paycheque and they can set, change or pause contributions at any time using the app or via USSD.

- A free budgeting tool and financial education.

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Proof of Impact

At Floatpays we strive to create real, sustainable, positive impact on businesses and their employees. Our vision is to partner with Africa’s employers to be the catalyst of financial inclusion and wellbeing amongst the continent’s people.

Employers who trust us with their employees' financial wellness

Set your employees on the path to financial wellbeing with Floatpays

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