Why budget?

2 minutes

Creating your plan

We all want to offer our family the best but going on a shopping trip with the family can lead to us overspending on items that aren’t always necessary. By creating a budget we make a plan that helps us manage our spend and keeps us on track to reach the end of the month with a positive saving at the end. When we limit our spend, we are able to manage our habit of buying extra items we don’t need.

Going shopping 

Just because we budget, doesn’t mean we can’t spend. Part of the budgeting and planning process is to allow us to decide what we spoil our ourselves and our family on but our plan protects us from overspending and getting ourselves into trouble and debt. At the end of the day we still need to pay our bills but we deserve to enjoy our money, we work hard for it.

Let's not miss a payment

Being late or missing payments can cause you to fall into debt and create bigger financial problems and stress. Debt and interest on debt is not our friend. Budgeting helps us not miss any monthly payments because we planned for the spend on these bills in our budget. Sticking to your budget will guarantee that every bill gets paid on time because they will be a top priority in our plan.

Savings as a backup plan

Let's face it, we work hard for our money, and we want to enjoy spending it. Saving is part of this spending process and helps us reach a stable monthly plan. Savings is in essence part of our backup plan for when life happens to go a bit wrong and we need help. By putting money away in a savings account we learn to live on budget and not spend more than you earn and we have that little extra stored away in our savings account for that emergency.

Achieving Your Goals

Setting goals and reaching them, can be a very satisfying process and rewarding. Setting a clear and accurate budget plan will help you reach your goals on a regular basis. Consistency is key to any process or practise where it be training in sport, or for exams and our budget. By getting out of debt and saving for a goal you will be able to start to benefit from life’s necessities like putting down a deposit on a house because you planned for it and you deserve it.