For your team

Creating a culture of saving

Through early access to earned wages, our financial literacy training platform and budget and planning tools will put your employees in control of their finances, help them plan for expenses and get bills paid on time.

Download now or access via USSD by dialing *120*2828#

A world class app

What makes us different from the competition is an unrivalled product feature set, fully developed.

Banked or Unbanked
All the team, with a bank account or without a bank account
Training with ease
Award winning training platform built into the app and free to use
Budget & Plan
Free budgeting tools available in the app
Universally available
Only provider with iOS, Android apps in the stores and USSD ready for use
Real-time access to earned income
EFT or cash vouchers when you need help urgently or simply forgot your wallet
In-App Emergency Purchase
In-App purchase options to buy critical service vouchers for Mobile data, airtime and electricity

Why should I sign up?

Stop borrowing and paying huge interest, let us help you with your real needs and bring you access to the money you have already earned.

This is not only about your dignity, no-one should have to beg for the money they have already earned, but also about helping you build wealth by becoming a member of a savings culture.

How to get my company to sign up?

Give us the email or telephone number of the person you would normally go to for a loan or payment advance in your company

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Universal Access

Available on smart and feature phones

Download now or access via USSD by dialing *120*2828#