About us

Our Mission

Floatpays is focused on creating positive change for employees, by uplifting individuals from their current debt spirals toward better financial solutions and ultimately the freedom to build a wealthier, healthier future.

The Team

We’re building up an unstoppable team!

Simon Ward
Founder and CEO
Natasha Fernandes
Operations Manager
Rohan Jansen
Product Builder
Hein Robertshaw
Sales Specialist
Wilhelm Kirschbaum
Principal Engineer

Our Board Members

Some of the amazing people who advise us:

Dr. Craig Nossel
Board Member and Advisor

Craig is the CEO and Co-founder of Carenomics. He previously held roles at Discovery Vitality where he spent 15 years as Head of Vitality Wellness. He is an Advisor to the World Economic Forum (Workplace Wellness) and is an active board member at a number of NGO's including Laureus Sport for Good, Reach-for-a-Dream, Kids Kicking Cancer and Roxy Davis Foundation.

Roo Rogers
Board Member and Advisor

Roo is a serial entrepreneur and business leader, who takes a unique human centered and creative approach to delivering ventures at scale. Having created and built three of his own businesses, his approach has brought success in Silicon Valley, as well as markets such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kenya and Rwanda. Roo is currently the CEO of Founders Factory Africa.

Our Culture

put our customers first
believe that the impossible is possible 
embrace the power of learning
support diversity, both in our team and customers 
share information openly and honestly
do more with less
pursue our passion – if we don’t believe in it, we don’t do it
encourage independence and creativity
embrace the power of positive thinking
insist on having fun
encourage curiosity – go and explore, bring back the best
love the principle of strong beliefs, weakly held


This is our History

Founded as a company to support employee financial wellness.

September 2019
The Story Begins

Floatpays (Pty) Ltd is established

Market Research

User and market research to understand the product need and basic feature set

October 2019
December 2019
Product in the App stores

Pilot program ready

Pilot Program Launch

Partnership with Netcare Hospital Group

February 2020
June 2020
Commercial Launch!

Following a successful pilot program with 5 partner companies our product launched commercially


You're in good company

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You're in good company

Fidelity is a CMS Webflow template